For a long time, several countries dispute the title of homeland cocktail. And I can not reach agreement among themselves.

The first known the story goes that in the XV century in one of the provinces of France on farms when mixing different kinds of wine with other alcoholic drinks was called the resulting cocktail drinks. Data cocktails differed sophisticated and unique tastes. Therefore, these recipes of cocktails got special popularity among the local aristocrats.

The second story cocktail starts from the XVIII century. And this story has a touch of romanticism. The owner of one of the new York bar was gone cock. And he announced that anyone who finds your pet, the host will give in marriage his daughter. Some time later, the army officer brought the loss of the bar owner, but with a shabby tail. And the master had no choice but to declare about the upcoming wedding to all visitors. His daughter, mixing at that time different drinks, excitement shuffled them. Clients then the resulting mixture is called “cocktail”, which means rooster tail.

The third story is connected to the races, taking place on the Hippodrome in England. And the word cocktail taken from talking horse racing enthusiasts. So they called half-breeds of horses. That is, the word cocktail they meant half of the horses came up tails.

But the absolute famous cocktails come in 20-ies of the last century in the times of the dry law. Those hard times for lovers of alcohol were particularly difficult. And then enterprising owners of bars found a way to cheat regulatory authorities. They began to use a variety of cocktail recipes on the basis of mixing with alcohol.

One of the most popular drinks in those days in American bars has become quite strong cocktail, home made tea. Today this cocktail known as long island. And he is still one of the famous drinks among admirers of cocktails.

The exhibition INTERNORGA – 2014 took place

Took place the main European exhibition of the hospitality industry. IT was attended by around 90 thousand visitors from 35 countries of the world. In the event took part 1 200 exhibitors, including all reputable brands. Representatives of company «VIER Ukraine also became participants of the exhibition this year.

The Internet is celebrating its 25th anniversary

12 March 1989 guide CERN has approved the project of a unified system of organizing, storing, and sharing information that has solved the problem of the exchange of knowledge and experience between the members of the European organization for nuclear research.

Thus, 12 March 2014 world wide web turns 25 years old. Created by the English physicist and engineer Tim Berners-Lee, Tim Berners-Lee, the world wide Web was the beginning of Internet communications in the form in which we know it now.

In the project 1989 formulated the basic principles of a single Internet network, not undergone significant changes to this day.

In addition to Tim Berners-Lee system of protocols for the transmission of data between networked computers were developed by the staff of the Agency on future defence research and development efforts of the USA (DARPA) Vinton CERF (Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn (Robert Kahn).

The prototype of the Internet for some time worked in the research laboratory, CERN – it employees had the opportunity to use the computer network.

But the abundance of information on all projects and pilot studies in Central substantially complicated the search for the required scientific information. The Internet was first ordered by the internal database of scientific data.

In the quarter century of its existence, the Network has penetrated all spheres of human activity and has become an integral part of people’s everyday lives. The invention of the Internet can be called without exaggeration one of the pivotal moments in the history of mankind.

In Hamburg will host the largest industry show “Inter Norg-2014″

Exhibition is a large market information, innovations forum, a marketplace for excellence and is the ideal platform for signing contracts. The visitors will be presented a range of innovative trends in the area of food and drinks, cooking equipment, technical devices and machinery, bakery and confectionery equipment, with 1000 participants – representatives from 25 countries. The fair visitors will learn about the latest technical developments in their respective industries. Annually the exhibition is visited by more than 100,000 visitors. All the leading participants of the market of equipment for enterprises and public catering not miss an opportunity to visit this event.